Your way to the US

Wagner & Woolf

Elite College Sports Recruitment


Phase 1
Duration: 2-3 Months

Academic and administrative requirements for a soccer scholarship.

  1. Transcript translation (if applicable)
  2. NCAA Registration
  3. Take the TOEFL Test (if applicable)
  4. Take the SAT Test
  5. Send video footage to your advisor

Phase 2
Duration: 2 Months

Our teams in Europe and California start looking for suitable universities based on your athletic profile, career and financial situation

  1. Talk to College coaches
  2. Select a scholarship offer
  3. Choose a course of study and fulfill the admission requirements
  4. Sign the "I-20" (scholarship contract)

Phase 3
Duration: 1 Month

F1-Visa Application & Health Insurance

  1. Start the application procedure
  2. Appointment at the American Embassy
  3. Obtain the F1-Visa
  4. Get International Health Insurance

Phase 4

The complete service of Wagner & Woolf includes assistance during your entire college career. A sports scholarship in the US can be worth up to 80,000$ a year.